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Professional Translation Services : 24 Hour Rush Translation Services

Rush translation services for your time sensitive projects

Employees who find themselves in a bind will often end up relying on "machine" translation software to convey a "gist" understanding. The result is an inaccurate message that does not capture the idiomatic and grammatical nuances of the target language.

Fast and efficient translation services

When time is of the essence, our 24 HrXpress Translation Service is the perfect solution. Without compromising quality or superior service InterWorld employs a global network of professional teams specializing in language translations who can render any piece of documentation totaling a 1,000 words or less into virtually any foreign language within 24 hours of receipt.

We are here to help

So if you have a Press Release that just can't wait, a letter that can make or break a deal, or a few paragraphs overlooked in a critical presentation, rather than hoping your "machine" translation makes sense to the end recipient, why not rest assured your project is in the hands of a professional team of pre-qualified human translators who will deliver on time and produce the quality you deserve.

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