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Professional Translation Services : Web Site Translation Services

Complete web site translation services

Web site translation and localization will make an immediate impact on your business and your customers. More than 50% of the 100 million plus web users do not speak English. When you translate and localize your web site for foreign visitors, you immediately:
  • Create vast new business opportunities by adding millions of potential new customers for each market you target
  • Give your foreign customers more confidence which increases the likelihood of a foreign purchase (more than 4 times greater than if you don't translate)
  • Reach over 100 million people who access the Internet in a language other than English
  • Double your site stickiness (Visitors stay for twice as long on sites presented in their own native language)

Many companies and organizations realize that web site translation is a necessary strategy to stay competitive and for future growth. The benefits of web site translation are simply too numerous and highly rewarding to ignore. Studies have shown that web users are up to four times more likely to purchase online when your web site is in their native language.

Challenges of the global marketplace

The challenge lies in bringing your message and products to a new language and culture over the internet. Today's high technology web sites, with dynamic content, multimedia, and data driven presentations, in addition to server, browser, and font issues, create the need for more than simple language translations; you need a global business partner.

InterWorld Translations provides you with the experience, management, and technology to expand your internet strategy into foreign markets. Many of the world's leading companies have turned to InterWorld Translations for help in reaching new markets via the web. Our world-wide network of highly experience translators, combined with our Total Quality Process™, gives our clients a partner with uncompromising commitment to quality, value, and service.

Web engineering expertise

Whether your site is built using HTML, ASP, CFM, PHP or JSP source code, we are capable of handling the most technical of files. From analyzing to testing, InterWorld Translations gives you a complete web site translation and localization solution.

By following our Total Quality Process™ you receive a customized solution of the highest quality standards including:

  • Pre-analysis
  • Project planning and budgeting
  • Complete file analysis
  • Complete graphic analysis
  • Dynamic content analysis
  • File preparation
  • Web site translation
  • Graphic localization
  • Web engineering
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Client review delivery

Here are just a small sampling of clients who have utilized our web site translation services:

  • Transition Networks
  • Thrifty Car Rental
  • Oak Technology, Inc.

Budget sensitivity

Regardless of your international budget, InterWorld Translations can help you with your web site translation needs. From simple sub site creation to multi-language translation and maintenance projects, the experts at InterWorld Translations can create a solution to achieve your goals. Request your free web site translation project analysis and quotation today by calling (858) 272-5260 or requesting a free quote.

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