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Professional Translation Services : Software Localization and Translation

The professional choice for software localization and translation

Comprehensive software localization is designed to ensure that your international customers are able to interact with your software on all levels, in their own language, and using their own cultural conventions. This entails translation and resizing of all dialogs, on-line help and other user interface text as well as translation of user documentation. In cases where special local regulatory requirements apply to software products it is also important to implement measures to modify the product, including the actual content of certain applications, to maintain compliance with local laws and regulations.

Experience counts

From simple string text translation to enterprise software globalization, software localization and translation demands a wide variety of skills and resources. Regardless of the development stage of your software project, InterWorld Translations can provide skilled and experienced engineers and linguists who can assist you with:

  • Internationalization and localization consulting
  • Project scope and pre-planning
  • Text extraction and localization
  • Regulatory and cultural adaptation
  • Double-byte enabling
  • Linguistic quality and functionality testing
  • Documentation and help translation

InterWorld Translations has the experience and technical expertise to simplify your global software efforts. Our Total Quality Process™ enables you to deliver your localized software products with the quickest turnaround time, the highest quality, and in the most cost effective manner possible.

Software localization and translation capabilities

Our experience with the following areas will reduce the time to bring your product to the global market with the highest quality possible:

  • Documentation
  • Resource files
  • Help files
  • DTP files
  • Graphic User Interface
  • Screen shots
  • International installers

InterWorld Translations provides software localization services on all major platforms including Windows, Unix, Mac OS, JAVA, Linux, OS400, or Oracle. By utilizing a custom, client centered approach, we provide you with the tools and process to localize your software in essentially any format.

No source format is beyond our capabilities. Please contact us to discuss any concerns.

Your software localization projects are completed within a consistent, quality-centric framework and methodology. InterWorld Translations' localization services allow you to increase linguistic quality and consistency, regulatory compliance, functionality verification, and at the same time remain within your budget. Receive your free software localization project analysis and quotation today by calling (858) 272-5260 or request a Free Quote.

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