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FTP Setup and Instructions

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is the standard method on the internet for transferring files. InterWorld Translations recommends the following method for sending and receiving files for projects.

Step 1
You must have a FTP client on your computer. We use LeechFTP which is free and available for download from our site at the following link:

Step 2
Install LeechFTP by unzipping the file and double clicking on the setup icon. This will install the software on your computer.

Step 3
Start LeechFTP from the start menu on your computer. The first screen you will see is the initial screen. Notice the bookmark icon at the top of the screen. You can save the InterWorld Translations FTP information as a bookmark.

Step 4
Create a bookmark for InterWorld Translations. To create a bookmark, click on the bookmark icon as noted above. You will see the following screen; initially each of these windows panes will be blank. Right click with your mouse in the left pane and "add a bookmark" labeled InterWorld. Then right click in the right pane and "add bookmark."

Step 5
Server information. Now you will see the FTP information that you will need to enter. The following information must be entered exactly:

Port: 21
Username: altec
Password: altec100
Remote Directory: /web/

This is all the information that you will need to enter to connect to our server.

Step 6
Connecting to the server. Once you have entered in the server information and clicked on OK you will return to the Bookmarks window. To connect to our server, double click on the server icon in the right side of the pane, as shown in Step 4. This will start the connection. You will see the following screen once you are connected.

Notice that you have two main panes in the window. The pane on the left is your local computer and the pane on the right is the server computer. You can see the interaction between the two in the top pane.

Step 7
Uploading a file. To upload a file to the server you need to navigate on the left side pane (local) and find the file you wish to upload. Next, double click on the right side pane (remote) on the "incoming" folder. This is the depository for new files. Once you have selected the file you want to upload, click on the upload button as highlighted in the red circle below.

The file will then be transferred to our computer where we can proceed to analyze the project and confirm receipt via email.

Step 8
Picking up the final files for review or delivery. The process is almost the same to retrieve your finished files. The folder containing the finished files is called "completed." Double click on this folder and you will find the file to download. Make sure that you have the location correct on the left side pane (local) where you want this file to be downloaded. Once you specify this information, simply click on the download button (circled in red) and the file will be downloaded to your computer.

Helpful Hints:

Sometimes errors occur during file transfer. A method to decrease the likelihood of error is to compress the files into a zip or stuffed archive. This is free software located at the following links:

It is much better to upload and download a compressed file than individual files.

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